• Anil Poddar, Co-founder
  • Anil Poddar has been with his father D. P. Poddar in the business since last 2 decades and is in charge of steering the organization today. He has developed a great deal of expertise in managing investments through single-minded passion and hard work in the field of financial services. Recognized by the media in his own right, Anil’s comments, interviews and articles have frequently appeared in Publications like Business Today, Economic Times, Dalal Street Journal, Dateline Business etc. He has an uncanny feel of the financial and stock markets, and this is crucial in deciding the recommendations made to PFS clients across the board.

    Mayank Poddar, Relationship Manager
    Mayank recently graduated from the Singapore Management University with Bachelors in Economics. Possessing a keen interest in financial markets, he draws on his educational background, research findings and specific client requirements to recommend the best-possible product portfolio. Mayank is specifically focused on looking after the needs of our NRI, PIO and QFI client base.

    Culture and Approach
    At PFS, the primary focus is on providing unprecedented levels of service to the client. We appreciate the importance of planning well and creating wealth for our clients, and keeping this in mind, we typically divide the investment process into the following steps:
    • For all our clients, we first try to ascertain their goals, needs and their risk appetite. This is crucial in determining possible investment options.
    • Based on the above information, we suggest possible investment avenues for the client. The options we recommend are based on research combined with our knowledge of the products.
    • Once the client is comfortable and invested in certain products, we actively monitor the health of the portfolio and recommend changes along the way, if necessary.
  • The entire process prioritizes the client's needs and reflects our ideology that wealth-creation is an active and ongoing process. Through this, we aim to achieve superlative results for our clients.
  • Our Approach
  • We do not believe in merely distributing application forms. We are in position to offer complete investment solutions tailor made to your needs and psychology.